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Who We Are


Gary Ramm
Simon Zeigler
Gary Ramm - CEO
Simon Zeigler - California Director
Charlene Ramm - VP
Becky Zeigler - VP
Cam Caughlan - Japanese Specialist
Greg Eck - Language Specialist
Rick Kellum - European Specialist
Lisa Kellum - Coaching Specalist
Jeff Laforteza - Media Director
Jim Walker - Administrative Director
In Brief:
51 offices worldwide and growing
800 scholars in our network
Representing over 45 countries
1000 American volunteers
Collaboration with universities, hospitals, government agencies and industry


   The Visiting Scholars Association was established in 2001 for the purpose inspiring scholars to reach their dreams and objectives.  To accomplish that we assist scholars transition into American life, culture and desire for professional connections.  We have found that in general scholars are on their own to find the resources necessary for airport pick-up, immediate housing and the basics of getting settled. Our focus is to meet those needs. The Visiting Scholars program desires each scholar’s arrival to include a warm welcome and opportunities for professional and social interaction in the community. When it is time for the scholar to leave, we hope to send them home with good memories and new friendships that will last for a lifetime!


Professional Network Program

alt     Visiting Scholars Association works closely with scholars in an attempt to connect local area professionals in the same field of work. This is an excellent opportunity for both groups to meet and exchange information and to develop close friendships with their American counterparts. Any networking that happens will be a help to the scholar’s research both now and in the future. This is currently available at the University of Washington and will be coming to the other universities soon.

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In Their Own Words:

Ning Li

I'd like to say thank you to the Visiting Scholars Association. It's a great platform to providing opportunities to meet new friends, communicate with friends and learn more about American culture and society.

Beihang University


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