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Assistance Finding Housing While in the United States
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     Finding a place to live in in the United States can be a very real challenge. There are many apartments, condos, and rental houses available of varied sizes, qualities, locations, and especially price (most often very expensive).  Often, scholars arriving at their university only have a few days to find a place to live, which can be an overwhelming and stressful first experience. 

Look near the top of the page for a menu titled "Housing Information" which contains some helpful housing information specific to some of the Universities we have volunteers at.  Click to see if your school is listed.

Below are some things we feel are helpful while looking for housing and some things to know before you sign a lease agreement. 

- Off-Campus or On-Campus Housing Options:

For most universities On-campus housing is designated for undergraduates and graduate students.  A few universities have some from of guest housing for scholars.  Check with your university if this is an option.

Off-campus housing will be the standard for scholars.  A variety of housing is available from apartments to renting rooms near campus.  Most of the time they are unfurnished, but good used furniture is available from stores that sell used items and the prices are very reasonable.  If we have an office in your city, some times we have items to loan out.

- What to know about Leases, Rentals and Deposits - Before you sign:

housing-contracts.gifWhat is the damage or security deposit, is it refundable?

Can I break the contract early without a fee?

Are their any non refundable expenses in the contract?

Many places to rent are near the interstate, or near student housing and can be very noisy, if noise is a problem can I break the lease?  If I live next to student housing and they have loud parties what will you do as a landlord to stop the noise?


- Craigslist Classified Ads

Craigslist is a centralized network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements and can be a good place to find housing, find a room-mate, as well as to find people selling used items you may need (such as: furniture, cooking supplies, cars, even clothing). This is a great place to post or find housing and more.*

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information or in any manner the service or quality of service offered in the ads or housing information. We do not endorse any landlord, management company, or individual who lists their information here. This is simply a venue for such information and listings. We reserve the right to delete or edit any ad without notice. We encourage you to talk at length with any person you might meet through Craigslist Housing website or here through the Visiting Scholar website, especially their spiritual commitments, understandings, lifestyle, and involvement. Your living situation and those with whom you share housing are important decisions.



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