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Kanwal Ali

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The VSA Network is a great forum for visiting scholars.  They have so much to offer - food, free rides, trips, but most of all love and care.


Amanullah Shah

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The Higher Education Commission is sponsoring hundreds of students/scholars to conduct research in foreign institutions. All such students and scholars face a lot of problems in an alien society and culture.
I am a Ph D Scholar at Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan. I had been awarded a scholarship by HEC to conduct research in a foreign institution. I opted for University of Washington , Seattle , WA , USA .
When I was going to Seattle in August 2007, I was too much worried particularly about my accommodation over there because I had no acquaintance with anybody in Seattle . My problem became more severe when I came to know the high rent of a room in a hotel which I could not afford. Luckily one day before my flight, I came to know, through University of Washington , about a Non-Government Organization, namely, the Visiting Scholars Association. I emailed to the President of the Association, Mr. Gary Ramm and stated my problem. He immediately responded and assured me pickup from airport and initial home stay. I was really relaxed. He gave me pick up from the airport and provided me very nice home stay for one week. This organization saved my time and money otherwise I would have faced difficulties and spent hundreds of dollars.
The Association provides, to all visiting scholars, pickup from airport, initial home stay (free of cost) and furniture if required. It helps in finding apartment. Furthermore the Association also arranges various functions for the visiting scholars. This organization has branches in all cities of USA .
I was requested by the President of the Association, Mr. Gary Ramm, to inform all visiting scholars from Pakistan about the Association.
Amanullah Shah
Gomen University


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