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VSA Scholar Recommendations

Liping Fang


Liping Fang

Dalian University

I'm very grateful and honored to be a member of the VSA.  I'll share the spirit of the VSA to the Chinese Doctors.  Thanks a lot.

Sunil R Putil

It is unbelievable to see people helping visitors with such pleasure and joy! It's very rare to see this and makes visitors very comfortable as if it's their own home.
Sunil Putil
Assistant Prof
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Hannah Thomas


The VSA has been a home-away-from-home.  It has bee a pleasure associating with the group. All the fun activities, the discussions on the Ten Timeless Principles and the warmth will be cherished and  missed.

Hannah Thomas

Fulbright Scholar

Kanwal Ali

The VSA Network is a great forum for visiting scholars.  They have so much to offer - food, free rides, trips, but most of all love and care.


Jane Yujuan Lu


Jane Yujuan Lu
Shenzhen University
Professor of Chemistry
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Welcome to the VSA! There are so many kind, helpful, skillful staff and volunteers here to help you adapt to the new world.  AI have so many wonderful experiences through VSA, learning American culture, hiking, rafting, camping, skiing, making friends and so much more.  Tons of thanks to VSA!

Aihua Cao

The VSA  is a family of visiting scholars. My daughter and I both like to visit it once a week.  There are so many kind organizers to talk with us.  We have a good opportunity to practice English and understand the culture of America.  We all love the VSA.  Thank you so much for giving so much help.

Associate Prof
University of Nankai
Tianjin China

Reda Mohammed Laid Slougui

Interacting with VSA staff was a very good experience on human and porfessional levels and will have a friends here for life.


Administrator at Ministry of Agriculture

Estelle Antilanhy

VSA is the best place to meet people all around the world, whre you feel happy like you're with your own family.


Program Manager


Mohamed Elkaramany

Very good job.  Nice times. Lots of memories, talks, discussions, liked everything.

Thanks to all,


Ministry of International Cooperation, Gov of Egypt


Aaron Wu and Ann Wang

Thanks for all your help from the VSA

Aaron and Ann

OX Orchids Farm

Shirley Xiaojun Xu

VSA is a family for visiting scholars from the world.  You can make new friends here, learn America culture and find a lot of fun here.

Xiaojun Xu

Fudan Univ.

Grace Kyungsook Kang

I'm really pleased to have the chance to know the VSA group.  They are nice and kind people and very helpful to me.  I hope to introduce this group to Korean visiting scholars on the web.  If yoiu have a chance to visit Korea, please contact me.


Thanks for good memories.

Kyungsook Kang

Wonkwang Univ.

Victor Zhi Guo Zhu

VSA is a home for the visiting scholars from all over the world.  Here, we can meet many visiting scholars and get the opportunity to learn about the different cultures, ideas and customs.  In addition, VSA is a place to practice your English.

Enjoy to be a member of the VSA!

Zhi Guo Zhi

Beijing Inst. of Fashion Tech.

Mary Yaxia Liu

When I first came here, it was the VSA staff Gary that picked me up from the airport and Charlene helped me to find the market and preschool for my daughter.  it made me feel that I am not a stranger here and am warm in my heart.  Almost every Wednesday night my familyy will attend the VSA group meetings to learn about American culture and many things.  Thanks a lot.


Mary Liu

Beijing Inst of Fashion Tech.

Jason Yang

I am so lucky when I came to Seattle that I got so much help from the VSA.  Not only life but I also learned about culture and religion .

Jason Yang


Sawako Yamaguchi

Thanks for being here for us.

Sawako Yamaguchi


Chukyo University

Jie Chen

Thanks very much for giving the opportunity here to meet new friends and enjoy the nights.

Jie Chen

PHD student

Harbin Inst. of Tech

Zhibing Zhang

All of the people of the VSA are welcoming, friendly and kind.  I hope I can meet them in China in the future.

Xia Dan

The VSA is an excellent organization that is helpful to visiting scholars from around the world.
Xia Dan
English Teacher
Central China Normal University, Wuhan

Megumi Nakajima

I miss you both, and people who I met at your amazing place.
You two made my Seattle life much better with full of joy than I'd expected.
Megumi Nakajima
Kobe University

Bo Liang Wu and Chiung-Ying Wang

I am very happy to join the VSA.  People are very friendly.  Many peopel help me a lot.  We made many new friends.  Thank you very much.
Bo Liang Wu
OX Orchids Company
Chiung-Ying Wang
Professor Transworld University

Lixian Cong


Gary and Charlene are very warmhearted, the family is nice to everyone, every activity we attended gave us so much to learn.
Lixian Cong
Beijing Foreign Studies Univ

Rui Dong


Coming to a foreign country is lonely at first. VSA is a place you can find friends and learn more about American Culture.

Pramod Raj Pokharel

Came to UW with his wife who was a Hubert H Humphrey fellow 2011-2012

Pramod Raj Pokharel

Kathmandu, Nepal

Jemile Sarjayeva

Thank you for your kind support. I had excellent and very productive 10 months at UW.
Best wishes,
Associate Professor of Linguistics
Turkmen State University

El Salvador

Business Development Officer
Co-founder at Synergyca

"I am writing these lines to recognize and recommend the professional services provided by Gary. Through the VSA I have been able to meet a number of business professional in the community that not only have been helpful for gaining new knowledge but also will remain a source of business contacts and opportunities.

While I am aware VSA offers many other services such as arrival help and introducing new friends, my experience has been mainly in developing professional connections. However, I have seen colleagues taking advantage of all the other activities offered and they speak highly of the assistance received.

Overall I wish to recommend VSA to any agency that need their scholars be assisted quickly and professionally. I have no doubt that besides of reaching their academic goals the visitors will also become good friends with the staff and will feel closer to home as I did."

Mr. Anaflous Adberrahmane

 I, personally, have contacted them and they provided the assistance I requested.

Jianliang Jiang

Associate Professor
The VSA is really helpful for me to learn English and American culture.  I appreciate the kind and friendly atmosphere her very much.

Valentyna Kryzhna

Valentyna Kryzhna

The National Law Academy of Ukraine

Dr. Hari Bansh Tripathi

Dr Hari Bansh Tripathi
Appellate Court Patan
Kathmandu (Nepal)

Noriko Masumura

Noriko Masumura
Associate Professor
Osaka University of Economics
Kobe city
"Thank you very much for our precious time.  I hope we can keep our relationship!

Feng Yin

Feng Yin
Associate Professor
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Thank you very much!  You helped me a lot during my stay in Seattle.

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