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VSA Scholar Recommendations

Jianping Luo

Jianping Luo
Director/ Associate Professor
International Office, Jishou Unviersity

I have been back in China over 6 months, and I always remember all the assistance and hospitality you offered me, which made my days in Seattle so wonderful and so unforgettable, and my study much easier. Everyone helped me a lot, study, research and daily life. I won't list the occasions but I will keep them in my memory.  Words could not express my appreciation.Please try to arrange a trip to my university whenever you come to China, so that I could have a chance to host you.
With sincere regards!

Ming Xiong

altMing Xiong

Professor of Classic Chinese Literature
College of Chinese Language and Literature
Liaoning University 
Shenyang110036, China 
Dear Gary,
Happy Thanksgiving! My family enjoy the beautiful memory with you and VSA, which is one of the best parts of our life in Seattle! I still receive VSA information every week and I'd like to keep it as a good reminder. I'm sure we will see each other someday in the future.
Once again, thanks for all the work you have done for visiting scholars. We all miss you.

Mr. Mao Zhengping

altMr. Mao Zhengping

"Thanks to you all. The VSA really does a good job for visiting scholars. You will feel like you are at home, like having a home-away-from-home. Come and join us, you will learn a lot about life.  Learn a lot about the experiences from the people in different parts of the world!"

Zhaojun Fu

Zhaojun Fu
Professor,Department of economics,Southeast University

Mr. Zhiyue Zhang

altMr. Zhiyue Zhang

Professor, Nanjing Normal University
"Thank you so much.  We spent too much funny times with you and we know about God." 

Yuihua Hu

Yuihua Hu 

Dean, Xian International Studies University
Xian, China

"Thanks VSA.  You gave me and my family a lot of help."


Dr. Xingfu Lu

Dr. Xingfu Lu

Southwest University of Political Science and Law
Chongqing, China
" Thanks a lot for the help during my stay in Seattle."

Dr. Bei Wang


Ph. D of Law,graduated from School of Law, Peking University,Beijing,China.

Visiting scholar for one year,in University of Washington,Seattle,W.A.,USA. (Elected by the program "the backbone of the youth training program of teachers to go abroad" of China Scholarship Council(CSC).)

Director of Legal Education Council Chinese Society of Law. 
Dean,professor,Department of Law, School of Politics and Economics, Shaanxi Normal University. 
Department of Law, School of Politics and Economics, Shaanxi Normal University, 199 South Chang’an Road, Shaanxi, Xi'an 710061, P. R. China 
"Thanks a lot for everything such as help with our life arrangements, our major English improvements, meet friends from all over the world, and so many other things.  We will miss you and never forget you."

Shaoxue Liu


I was able to make new friends with people whom you might miss in your home country.


Xiaoli Liu MD.

altWhile I was in Seattle I worked with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and enjoyed the meetings that the Visiting Scholars Association Program held.  Thanks for coming to visit me in Shanghai.


Xiaoli Liu MD.
Associate Professor
Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shen-Fu Hsiao

I was a visiting scholar in America.  I wish I had known about them (nice people in Visiting Scholar Association) before I came to America because they could have helped me so much in getting settled.  I did make friends with Gary and Simon and their team who run the service.  They helped me in many ways.  It helped me feel like I have a home-away-from home.  If I ever have opportunity to return to America I know they will help me.  Would you please consider using their services for our institution when sending scholars to America.
Shen-Fu Hsiao
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
National Sun Yat-sen University
70 Lien-Hai Rd.,
Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

Amanullah Shah

The Higher Education Commission is sponsoring hundreds of students/scholars to conduct research in foreign institutions. All such students and scholars face a lot of problems in an alien society and culture.
I am a Ph D Scholar at Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan. I had been awarded a scholarship by HEC to conduct research in a foreign institution. I opted for University of Washington , Seattle , WA , USA .
When I was going to Seattle in August 2007, I was too much worried particularly about my accommodation over there because I had no acquaintance with anybody in Seattle . My problem became more severe when I came to know the high rent of a room in a hotel which I could not afford. Luckily one day before my flight, I came to know, through University of Washington , about a Non-Government Organization, namely, the Visiting Scholars Association. I emailed to the President of the Association, Mr. Gary Ramm and stated my problem. He immediately responded and assured me pickup from airport and initial home stay. I was really relaxed. He gave me pick up from the airport and provided me very nice home stay for one week. This organization saved my time and money otherwise I would have faced difficulties and spent hundreds of dollars.
The Association provides, to all visiting scholars, pickup from airport, initial home stay (free of cost) and furniture if required. It helps in finding apartment. Furthermore the Association also arranges various functions for the visiting scholars. This organization has branches in all cities of USA .
I was requested by the President of the Association, Mr. Gary Ramm, to inform all visiting scholars from Pakistan about the Association.
Amanullah Shah
Gomen University

Ting Jiang


Thank you very much Gary, Charlene, Alan.  It was a nice memory to attend the activity of Visiting Scholars Program.  I harvested from here not only understanding of culture, habit, and English spoken ability.  But also friendship.  I really enjoyed the stay in Seattle and spending time with you.

Ting Jiang
School if Stomatology
Peking University

Wenbin Liu

Their visiting scholars program helped me in many ways.  It was a good time to make new freinds with some Americans.

Wenbin Liu
Associate Professor
College of Computer Science and Engineering, Wenzhou University,
Zhejiang province

Chunsheng Zhao

I am a graduate student in America. I first came to US with my husband who is a visiting scholar. We are so glad to know Gary, Charlene, Simon and their teams and became their friends. Here I strongly recommend that you use their visiting Scholars Association web site when you come to America and need help.
I would like to tell you my experience getting help from Gary and Simon’s teams. They have kept giving us help during all the years we stay. They helped provide us furniture when we just came here. Gary has picked up my husband from airport in the late night. Simon’s team helped us out when we bought our first car. Above that, they also give us a lot of personal help and friendship. I met Charlene regularly for practicing English for more than one year and I thank her very much for the patience she showed and the effort she made for better helping us. I gave Gary and Charlene my highest regards as I know how much effort they took in order to better help visiting scholars. They moved closer to the campus as they wish to open their house to them, which was a decision hard to make not only financially but also emotionally. They took their best effort to help scholars find a home to stay while they were looking for a house. They organized many activities for the scholars to give them the best chance to get to know the American culture. I know they are always willing to help. 
Chunsheng Zhao
Graduate student
University of Washington

Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
Chinese Academy of Science

Zhou Bing

I returned to Zhengzhou on Oct.,27 and the journey was very smooth.Now I am preparing some items for resuming my work.
The good memory of the parties in your home will last forever with me. I realy appreciate your love, kindness. I will introduce you to my friends who are going to Seattle and wish he could get same love ,help and regards from you.

Zhou Bing

School of Information Engineering
Zhengzhou University

Ying Su

You have given much great help to our visiting scholars. Thank you! I'm glad to know Lee is doing well and hope his condition could be improved further.

Ying Su
Peking Union Medical College Hospital,

Xianqing Zhou Dr.

I recommend all scholars use the Visiting Scholars Program when they go to the U.S.

Xianqing Zhou Dr.
Department of Laboratory  Animal Sciences,
School of Basic Medical Sciences,
Capital Medical University, Beijing 100069, China



Thank very much for email and information on Seattle life.
We could not write you for a long time since I was Humphrey Fellow in 2004-2005 at the University of Washington. Every thing is Ok after coming back to Mongolia I still work at the University. We would like to say you that Fellowship year was very usefull and helpfull for us and my family.We implemented several projects and business activities.Naraa is good she is working in here Internet center.My host family in Seattle Mr. Dwight and barbara came to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia last summer and we met and talk. They have project in this country

Tumur and Naraa

Tipaporn Satiensakpong

Dear Gary,
I already came back to Chiang Mai, THAILAND. It will be great pleasure to welcome you and your members to my hometown.
Best Regards,
Tipaporn Satiensakpong
Intercoutry Center for Oral Health
548 Chiang Mai-lamphun Road Nong Hoi, Amphur Muang
Chiang Mai THAILAND 50000

Sudeep Jain

I spent a year in USA in 2006-07 as a Humphret Fellow at University of Washington. I am so glad that I heard about the International Students Incorporation and the Visiting Scholars Association immediately on landing in America because they have helped me so much in getting settles. While I has a very dear college friend who provided me a home, but I do know how volunteers from VSA picked my other friends up at the airport and provided a home ot stay in while they looked for housing. I continued a good friendship with Jeff, Gary and Simon and their team who run the service. They helped me in many ways including setting up my enitre apartment including providing for beds, tables, and all other furnishings. It helped me feel like I have home-away-from home. If I ever have opportunity to return to America I know they will help me. Would you please consider using their service for our instituting when sending scholars to America.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely,
Sudeep Jain
Alumnus of BITS, Pilani, India

Shun Ido

I was one of the residents who stayed in Seattle dating from the 1st of March in 2005 for 7 months as a visiting scholar at the University of Washington on the grant provided by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

To be honest, before the departure for Seattle, I used to be much involved in the works associated with arrangements of my own research projects, a result of which did not allow me to think about the issue of new life.

I had a little trouble finding my apartment. As for myself, I deeply felt regret that I should have done enough preliminary survey of housing prior to my departure for Seattle. I should have known the Visiting Scholar Association (VSA) in advance and contacted them before I left Japan.

Luckily, however, I had the good fortune to meet Gary, who is a president of the VSA, and he introduced the services for visiting scholar. Meeting with Gary enabled me to be invited to dinner for visiting scholar and other activities, and enrich my life in Seattle immeasurably.

Thanks to the VSA's tips for life in Seattle, they enable us to create a multicultural citizens' community that supports scholars in their academic endeavors and cultural enrichment. There is also an opportunity to develop new friendships, meet a wide range of people, and feel more at home.

On my second visit, when my wife, my graduate student and I visited Seattle in spring this year, Gary extended his warm hospitality to us and accepted us in his house for a few days. I am sure that my friendship with Gary's family shall be lasting for many years to come. My wife has joined me in sending him Shower of Appreciation for whatever he has done for us.


Shun IDO, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Ehime University, Japan

Arumugasamy Elangovan


I was hired as an Instructor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA in 2005.  Even as my flight itineraries were finalized, Gary Ramm of Visiting Scholars Association (VSA) contacted me and welcomed me into the US ahead of my travel.  Gary arranged for airport pick-up and put me stay with them for about ten day before I found an apartment.  Another friend Simon Zeigler of the VSA also helped me with the search for an apartment and helped in furnishing my apartment.  Occasional events, such as a social get together, organized by the VSA are very helpful in developing professional network in the US. Gary Ramm, his wife Charlene Ramm, Simon Zeigler and his wife Becky Zeigler are great people to be friends with.
I continue to enjoy a good friendship with Gary, Charlene, Simon and Becky, and their team who run the service.  They are helpful to me in many ways.  It helped me feel like I have a home-away-from home.  I strongly recommend that any scholar visiting USA consider using the services of Visiting Scholar Association.
Arumugasamy Elangovan
Acting Instructor,
University of Washington

Syed Nasir Ershad


I was a visiting scholar in America in 2005-2006.  I wish I had known about the Visiting Scholars Association before I came to America because they could have helped me so much in getting settled. .  They helped me in many ways.  It helped me feel like I have a home-away-from home. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow: 2005-06
Syed Nasir Ershad
Senior Assistant Secretary
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka 1000

Babul Prasad

Thanks to the Visiting Scholars Program, they picked me up at the airport and provided a homestay.   I continued a good friendship with Gary and Simon and their team who run the service.  They helped me in many ways.  It helped me feel like I have a home-away-from home.

Babul Prasad, Chairman,
Integrated Development Foundation (IDF)
Maurya Path, Khajpura, Patna -800014

Pirlina Umiastuti, M.D., MPH.


Pirlina Umiastuti, M.D., MPH.
Airlangga University School of Medicine, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine,
Surabaya, Indonesia, South-East Asia.




Hello Gary and Charlene,
Long time no see, how are you doing? I miss you so much. Your absent is overwhelming. Since the day I left Seattle, I′ve never seen you again and talking to you feels like an impossible dream lately. I want you to know that I miss you around. I hope to see you again someday. Thank you very much for the family pictures you sent. There were really nice pictures. The more I see the pic, the more I realize that there is no distance that can make me forget you. I have been thinking a lot about you and remembering - with a great deal of nostalgia – the days we used to talk all the night, when the words exchanged were like a balsam for us. That is how true friendship really works: it brings this peace of mind to all of those who have the pleasure and privilege of enjoying it.
Love you,

Chongqi Shou


Chongqi Shou 

University of Jinan, Dept of Chemistry

VSA and Gary  give me so much good experiences when I visited in Seattle.Hope you visit my city


Jarkko Kari

altJarkko Kari
Adjunct Professor
University of Tampere

"The Visiting Scholars Program is a group with a good spirit!"

Masataka Hayakuwa

Masataka Hayakuwa

I was able to broaden my perspective by joining the community and take with a lot of people.  I strongly recommend to be a member of the community to communicate with international people.

Feng Wei

Feng Wei
Associate professor
Beijing Institute of Technology

Its very generous and very nice to attend your party.  You provide us much more help.  We are grateful for your help.

Ping Guo

Ping Guo
China University of Geosciences

Dear Gary and Charlene, I have had a really wonderful time in your house and the Visiting Scholars Dinners.  It is indeed a home-away-from-home.  Here we meet new friends. Here we practice English.  Here we learn about God.  Here we feel more peaceful.  Here we become more happy.  Thank you so much.  I will never forget you - my American friends.

Liu Xianghui

Liu Xianghui
Huaqiao University

I came and met other visiting scholars from all over the world, we shared our views about the world.

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