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Visiting Scholars Association

A national staff team and volunteers committed to helping scholars and families achieve peace of mind by providing assistance before and during their stay in America.


Welcome Services

First on every scholar’s mind is all their needs before and during the first month in America.

Events & Networking

We offer, a place to feel welcomed and make new friends from around the world.

Quality Research

Our professional services can assist your research in many ways. Learn more below.

We’re experts at listening to scholars…

Many of professional staff have lived in other countries and have experienced the challenges of life in a new country. In addition, some of our staff are also certified as professional Life Coaches. For our volunteers, only scholars that have been served by the VSA can qualify to be volunteers in their country after they return home. They have experienced the care given and are eager to do the same for scholars that will travel to their home city. Currently we have volunteers in about 50 countries.

Meet Our Team

We listen. Every scholar is a unique person.

Every scholar has different wants and needs. We’re experts at listening to scholars, and at helping them in ways that give them comfort, confidence and security. We put their needs first. Above all else, we’re focused on providing them and their family member with personalized, high-quality service. This is the question we ask ourselves every day: how can we make life more enriching for the people whose lives we touch? We’re committed to giving the highest levels of service.

We at the VSA want to be the first to welcome you to America!

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About the VSA

The Visiting Scholars Association headquartered in Seattle Washington, enriching the lives of scholars and their families by providing three critical services. When faced with the unknowns of moving to a new country the stress can be very high. Questions like where do I live, what is a safe area, what about transportation to schools, where will my children attend school? These are just a sample of the many questions facing the scholar. We work closely with them before arrival to begin the process of getting settled in a foreign country. We know from experience that just being able to have someone to turn to when questions and problems arise in the new country is a blessing.

Visiting Scholars Association is non-profit organization based in Seattle Washington and is open to future franchises in other states. We have been providing outstanding service to scholars throughout the greater Seattle area and around America for more than 17 years. Well over 1000 scholars and families have used our services. We provide services to assist scholars in three primary levels of need. The first need is finding housing and getting settled in a new city. Once established, the second need that arises is making new friends with Americans and other scholars. And the third area we assist is helping the scholar network and meet professionals in the community that are in the same industry or field of research. In addition to this we provide many smaller day-to-day services. For example, finding a babysitter for their children.

Our Philosophy

We serve scholars throughout the United States as a free service. All scholars are treated equally regardless of their country of origin, religious affiliation, political reference, nationality, or sexual preference. Our motto has always been “Love Your Neighbor” It is our opinion that the world is our neighbor.

We are committed to Our Values:

  • Caring for the needs of scholars
  • Consistent excellence
  • Demonstrating respect
  • Integrity

Through the VSA I have been able to meet a number of business professional in the community that not only have been helpful for gaining new knowledge but also will remain a source of business contacts and opportunities.

Mauricio, El Salvador

The VSA has been a home-away-from-home. It has bee a pleasure associating with the group. All the fun activities, the discussions on the Ten Timeless Principles and the warmth will be cherished and missed.

Hannah, India

I have so many wonderful experiences through VSA, learning American culture, hiking, rafting, camping, skiing, making friends and so much more. Tons of thanks to VSA!

Jane, China