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Meet the team that makes VSA work around the world.

Many of professional staff have lived in other countries and have experienced the challenges of life in a new country. In addition, some of our staff are also certified as professional Life Coaches. For our volunteers, only scholars that have been served by the VSA can qualify to be volunteers in their country after they return home. They have experienced the care given and are eager to do the same for scholars that will travel to their home city. Currently we have volunteers in about 50 countries.

All of our volunteers have agreed to uphold the values and care we provide every scholar. Each volunteer has agreed to provide their services free of charge.

We have a network of hundreds of associates all across America that partner with us to provide care for scholars at any university in America.

Our full time staff team of professionals is always available to assist and answer questions and provide support.


Gary Ramm – CEO
Charlene Ramm – Vice President,  & Women’s Director
Cam Caughlan – Japanese Specialist
Greg Eck – Language Specialist and Admin. Director
Wai Hing Eck – Women’s Coach
Rick Kellum – European Specialist
Lisa Kellum – Coaching Specialist


Community co-workers

Dave McFarland – Primary care Doctor
Catherine Hsu – Scholars Night Out Emcee
Joe Helms – Finincial Planner
Lisl Helms – ESL teacher
Marty Peterson – Artist
Sue Peterson – Financial Planner
Andrew Toles– Lawyer,  Ellis, Li and mcKinstry
David Goodnight – Lawyer, Stoel Rives
Dr. Kenneth Chew – Dean Emeritas, Fishery School, University of Washington
Meagan Chew– teacher
Jim Gerner – retired
Nancy Gerner – retired
Jim Gunlock – Life Coach and Executive Search Team

Our Partners

Institutions and Universities we are in cooperation with to help scholars achieve the best experience possible in America.  The VSA invites your university or institution to join us, so that each scholar and family can reach their full potential in research and personal development.

Contact us at

US Embassy – El Salvador
Marta Carranza
Education and Scholarship
Brent Israelsen
Cultural affairs officer
Fernando Herrera
Cultural affairs officer


Morocco Embassy
Dr. Laila Meftah
Moroccan American Commission for Educational & Cultural Exchange


US Asia Education (UAE)
Yan Zeng  M.Ed